Deacons' vestments

The deacons' vestments are composed of three pieces: sticharion, orarion and cuffs. A sticharion is a long vestment, with long sleeves, that differs from the others by color and the sleeves' form, the latter one being the outer vestment. For the priests, the sticharion became an inner vestment, being covered by other vestments. The deacons' sticharion is made of fabric, especially white-colored. The orarion has the form of a narrow fabric band and long, made of cotton, silk or flax and embroidered with silver and golden threads, which forms crosses, leaves and corn ears. It is made usually of the same material as the deacons' sticharion. The cuffs are pieces common to all three hierarchic ranks, which are put over the sticharion cuffs' edge, in order to fasten them up, and not to trouble the hands' movement. They are made of the material of the outer vestments and may be detached from the sticharion.

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