Jugănaru Art established in 1991, out of the initiative of the father Jugănaru Viorel – presently parish priest of the Saint George church, Pantelimon neighborhood, Bucharest – in order to create priestly vestments, inspired by the tradition, genuine symbols and characteristics of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The vestments worked out by Jugănaru Art are original works of art.

Thus, we are suggesting to you a rich collection, inspired by religious themes, secular or ethnographic motifs. Function of the options we receive, we can perform vestments containing embroideries devised on the basis of models suggested by you.        

Along the years, the products made by Jugănaru Art won their prestige both due to the beauty of the embroidery, the finished models and to the quality of the materials used for production. 

Hence, we invite you to get acquainted with us, while visiting out webpage and the shop.

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, we would like to inform you, that during August 11 - September 4, our workshop will be closed for yearly Dormition holidays. However, even within this time, your requests or orders placed via our email office@vesminte.ro, will be into our attention and we'll answer as fast as possible. May that prayers of Holy Theotokos and her protection be with us all along with christians all over the world! God bless!

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