Priest's Vestments


While performing the services, the priests wear five pieces of vestments: the sticharion, epitrachelion (stole), zone (belt-like cincture), phelonion and the cuffs. 

The epitrachelion is, in fact, the deacon′s orarion. This liturgical vestment is worn around the neck with the two adjacent sides sewn or buttoned together. The epitrachelion is made from the same material as the priestly phelonion or as the bishop′s saccos, being adorned with more braid embroidered or sewn crosses. It is the most used vestment, being present on every church service.

The zone is a fabric piece of vestment by which the priest or the bishop gird themselves over sticharion, around the waist, in order not to cause discomfort while working with the holy.     

The phelonion is an over-vestment. Originally, its color was white, but in time was filled in red nuances – used particularly in the Grate Lent, or black – on the Holy Week or on funeral services. On the back of the phelonion may be embroidered or applied an adorned cross or a small icon, in the form of a medallion, representing holy figures. 

The sticharion and the cuffs use by priests are the same with those used by deacons.


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